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Hello! I'm Phoebe Hildegard.

I am a traditionally trained conjurer, rootworker, and card reader.

As part of my lifelong study and practice of magic, I take on clients for readings and perform spellwork as an old-fashioned "justified worker", following the example laid down by my elders.

I am proud to say that I am one of the official legacy students of Professor Charles Porterfield.


I write and teach and even make games about magic & the occult as part of my ongoing effort to nurture the roots of the work in the present day.

I study voraciously — history, folklore, herbalism, the grimoires, diverse spiritual traditions both living and long dead,  as well as poetry, music, and art, for inspiration and new perspectives.


And I practice, every day, solo, with magical partners, with my teachers, and in groups in workshops and class format.


I do my best to improve things where I am. I create doors to possibility for the lonely. I create beauty where its needed (everywhere) and I work with clients as a conjurer, diviner, and consulting practical magician.

As a devotee of St. Hildegard of Bingen I am deeply interested in medico-magical herbalism. I hail from a long line of gardeners and have completed two apothecary apprenticeships with practicing medical herbalists.

My work as a conjure doctor allows me to weave together practical magic, herbal knowledge, spirit work, and political engagement.

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