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Hello! I'm Phoebe Hildegard.

I am a traditionally trained conjurer and card reader. As part of my lifelong study and practice of folk magic, I take on clients for readings and perform spellwork as an old-fashioned "justified worker", following the example laid down by my elders.

My work centers on unearthing antiquated, misunderstood, and much-needed traditions of divination, herbalism, magic, and relating with spirits.


I am deeply driven to reanimate discarded and fragmented traditions to make our lives easier, more meaningful, and more possible in the now. I am also privileged to participate in several living and continuous sorcerous traditions tracing ancient roots.


I strive to do right by my elders and to perform the work in a manner that is simultaneously faithful to tradition and responsive to the needs of my clients today. 


I write and teach and even make games about occultism and the ways it can be applied to contemporary life to make things less awful, more beautiful, and crucially, more relational.


It's high time humans learned how to communicate, share, and mix sensibly with the plants, the stars, the shades of the dead, and the spirits divine and daimonic (and everywhere in between).


I look around at the state of things and see so much possibility. I do my best to look at things sideways and strive to envision new ways to make life lush.


I study voraciously — history, folklore, herbalism, the grimoires, diverse spiritual traditions living and long dead, even poetry and art, for soul-food and new perspectives.


And I practice, every day, solo, with magical partners, with my teachers, and in groups in workshops and class format.


I do my best to improve things where I am. I create doors to possibility for the lonely. I create beauty where its needed (everywhere) and I work with clients as a conjurer, diviner, and consulting practical magician.


There was a time — not so long ago — when my job description was not so rare, nor so unlikely.


I bow in humility before history's conjure doctors, wise women, pellars, charmers, krauterhexen, brauchers, fattuchieri and... so many other names in so many times and places. Those who came before me in this work.


And I know how much we require that kind of care, wisdom, and practical know-how today, so I'm here. Let's get to work!

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