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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! Box Sets will ship first come first serve once the inventory arrives in our haunted atelier! (Estimated to begin shipping second edition Fall 2023)

This is the physical box set of Amor Fati: A Tarot Based Role-Playing Card Game. These Box Sets are hand numbered in a limited print run.

Each Box Set includes the following:


-Player's Guide

-Game Master's Guide

-Four Suits Guide

-Major Arcana Guide

-Character Creation Guide

The full Amor Fati Card-Game RPG, presented in 5 original mini-zines for quick cross-reference, plus two Character Record Sheets.

Designed, written, and spun into being by Phoebe Hildegard herself. (with help from cherished ghosts and several whirling doves).


Amor Fati is a new "Role-Playing Card Game" that allows players to deepen their skills in Tarot fortune-telling and Occult Philosophy by using any standard 78-card Tarot deck to tell original stories with their friends.


Play unfolds in real-time with each Player and the Game Master wielding a hand full of tarot cards, which prompt the story's twists and turns in a unique take on the classic tabletop RPG format. Amor Fati is quick to learn and welcoming to new Roleplayers, while offering surprising depth and originality in design that is sure to bend the minds of the most established RPG aficionados.

Explore the hidden history of magic in this lovingly woven creation. Improvise your own tales with the time-honored mystery of the Tarot pack.

Amor Fati, or "Love of Fate" awaits you.

2ND EDITION PRE-ORDER! Amor Fati ~Box Set~ -A Tarot-Based RolePlaying Card Game

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