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Phoebe's intuitions, insights, and offerings are as deep and accurate as they are entirely user-friendly.


Beyond that, they have proven to be perfectly personally suited to my needs and capacities at the given time, each time I've had the pleasure to consult with her.


This is a truly tuned in sorceress, sage, and spiritual guide whose value to aspirants, seekers, and clients of all sorts cannot be overstated.

-N. T.

Phoebe Hildegard has immense understandings and insights into magickal and otherworldly realms.


She has not only held me in moments when I required a mirror of the elsewheres, but has continued to guide me through the establishing and understanding of my own powers and practice.

Hers is a knowledge that transcends, a gift that self-perpetuates, a hand that opens doors and doors and doors.

-L. L.

Phoebe Hildegard gave me practical remediation advice and recipes to cut through some of the strongest interferences that were blocking my path ahead. She provided me with relief and reprieve so that I could see with more clarity and get back in touch with my own intuition.


She also provided support in the form of a few aesthetically pleasing and simultaneously magical-feeling objects and charms, with specific instructions for activation and deactivation, placement, prayers, etc.  


She draws magic across time, place, and tradition to find the best support for what ails you. I have recommended her many times.

-L. S.

Having sought the counsel of Phoebe Hildegard was one of the wisest choices I have ever made.


Her attentiveness to my innate magic was so precise that the recommendations she prescribed me following my consult have been, truly, life changing.


Phoebe's expansive skill set has helped me to feel more confident while traversing this mortal plane & navigating the wide open space between good and evil.

-V. K.

I sought out Phoebe's help with a few different situations. The herbal recommendations worked great. Phoebe is amazing to work with.


She gave me great advice and detailed information from the magical consultations to get me on the right path. I am comfortable working with her and look forward to working with her in the future.

I really appreciated the detailed followup emails to my consultations so I had the information to look back on.

-C. O.

Phoebe Hildegard is a wonderful woman who cares about her clients. She offered practical advice that helped me out in my own spiritual schism. The wide array of advice and attention to detail she gave me helped my understanding of my magical self.


Throughout my initial trials into the magical realm, Phoebe guided my practice and helped me on my path towards reaching my personal desires.


I fully recommend working with her in any capacity, you will be better for it.

-K. B.

With deep gratitude I write this. I was amazed at how healing, fortifying, and life enriching Phoebe Hildegard’s remarkably comprehensive practice is.


With an undeniably brilliant mind and jovial demeanor she made me feel so thoroughly taken care of . Everything I came to her with she without blinking gave me a plethora of powerfully effective solutions.


Really you can’t imagine the gift you would be giving yourself if you were to work with her.

-J. G.

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