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A homemade salve of wild harvested Datura Inoxia and garden grown Atropa Belladonna. Made in devotional ritual to these harsh yet beautiful teaching plants.


Classic vegetal intelligences associated the world over with sorcery, witchcraft, and wild magic. Approach these mighty plants with respect or suffer the consequences.

Flying ointments are used ritually to seek the flight of the soul from the body, engage in shapeshifting, and communicate with spirits, especially those of the dead and the underworld, which these plants are particularly connected to.

I make a very limited quanitity of flying ointment for my own practice and my trusted circles every year. This year's batch came out very strong, and I am listing just a few here as a devotional offering especially to Atropa Belladonna, who was the first spiritual intelligence to approach and teach me on my magical path.

Some people are quite sensitive to these nightshade herbs. Therefore please use caution and apply a pea-sized test amount if this is your first encounter with Datura or Belladonna.

Priced high to deter all but the serious and reverent seeker. External use only.

Those who feel particularly drawn to these Nightshade plants may wish to learn more by exploring my lecture on the subject.

"Solanaceous entheogens [including Belladonna and Datura] are ancient as well as geographically widespread. Commenting on portrayals of Datura in the art of pharaonic Egypt, the ethnobotanist William A. Emboden, Jr., writes: “Its psychoactive properties are extraordinary, and one of the usual modalities in the Datura experience is that of mystical flight, an out-of-the-body sensation.” Emboden’s mention of flight leads to the famous employment of the Solanaceae in the “flying ointments” of the witch-trial period."

-Chas S. Clifton, If Witches No Longer Fly

Datura-Belladonna Flying Ointment

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