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This class marks the culmination of years of research and practice centered on the nightshade (solanaceae) family of herbs and their unique uses both in folk magic and in medicine. Power, Cursing, Poison, Protection, Soul Flight, Paralysis, Anaesthesia, Inoculation... This plant family is perhaps the most infamous of the nightside herbs, said to be beloved by the Devil and yet still given daily in hospitals and operating rooms the world over, in much the same way as they have been used for thousands of years.

The lovely Belladonna, the tricksy Datura, enchanting Hyoscyamus, and that utterly classic magical herb, Mandragora, these famous poison--medicines and several of their vegetal relatives are explored from many points of view, from clinical apothecary herbalism to their continued use in the pharmaceutical industry, from deep surveys of their history and folklore, to their practical use in down & dirty witchcraft. Information is shared about growing these vital magical herbs and strategies are outlined for working with them safely. Occult thinkers such as Andrew Chumbley, Cornelius Agrippa, and Marsilio Ficino are brought into dialogue with the Nightshades in this class, and the plants themselves are considered from astrological, mythological, and medical angles.

*please note that this class was delivered when Phoebe Hildegard was working under the craft name Ribbon. While she now works under her own name, Phoebe is always happy to answer to "Ribbon" as well. She still bows to the power of adornment and ornamentation, as reflected in her former use of "Ribbon" as a professional name.

The Sorcerous Nightshades, Sacred Herbs of Night Flight *Class Recording*

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