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Amor Fati: A Tarot Based RolePlaying Card Game

A brand new Tabletop Roleplaying Game created by the mysterious Phoebe Hildegard, Amor Fati is a love letter to the secret history of magic and the esoteric arts. The gameplay unfolds as a new kind of "RolePlaying Card Game", with the players and the Game Master playing the tarot cards in their hands in real-time to generate narrative stories and high-drama roleplay.

Play cards for or against your friends and your Game Master to enact your will in the collaborative tale being woven. Learn the rich symbol set that comes down to us in the  tarot through play. Explore humoral theory, occult philosophy, and the deeper meaning of the four elements as your characters solve challenges, build bonds, and undertake wild adventures!

This Digital Edition contains the complete set of five Amor Fati booklets as well as a PDF containing reproducible character sheets.

Amor Fati: A Tarot-Based RolePlaying Card Game (Digital Edition)

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