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A 44-page zine publication detailing no-nonsense methods for hosting seances at home, drawn from the work of Victorian spiritualist and suffragette Emma Hardinge Britten.

Featuring the original antique manual for conducting séance sessions plus three full appendices and numerous footnotes updating the text with lessons learned from modern spiritist movements.



Rules To Be Observed When Forming Spiritual Circles (Original Text from 1870, with footnotes by Phoebe Hildegard Finch, 2023)

Appendix A: The Importance of Maintaining Spiritual Control

Appendix B: Concerning Spiritual Elevation

Appendix C: Notes on the Life of Emma Hardinge Britten



What could be more fun than summoning the dead with your friends?


Why look to exotic lands or long-forgotten deities to power your magic when the Spiritualist traditions are right at hand, so stylish in their Victorian languor, and yet so obviously applicable regardless of your magical, religious, or anti-religious sentiments!


“I fancy that I was never young, joyous, or happy, like other children; my joy was to steal away alone and seek the solitude of woods and fields, but above all to wander in churchyards, cathedral cloisters, and old monastic ruins.

Here strange sounds would ring in my ears, sometimes in the form of exquisite music… sometimes in voices uttering dim prophecies of future events…

At times forms of fair beauty or appalling ugliness flitted across my path, wearing the human form, and conveying impressions of identity with those who had once lived on earth."

-Emma Hardinge Britten


Rules To Be Observed When Forming Spiritual Circles (a Victorian séance manual)

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