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During last month's auspicious conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter in Pisces I created and empowered a small batch of incense out of various materia sacred to Jupiter in devotional ritual to The Greater Benefic. This incense includes classic and grimoiric Jupiter herbs such as Saffron, Nutmeg, and Hyssop. It also features ingredients renowned for their power of money drawing and good fortune in Hoodoo, like Lemongrass and Cinnamon.

Jupiter is considered to be "in domicile" in Pisces. It is a placement that brings out the very best Jupiter can offer.

I absolutely adore the way this smells and have been working with it during my personal rites with Jupiter.

People often talk about Jupiter in terms of money, and Jupiter is great for that, but Jupiter can be very healing as well. It can provide emotional healing through success in our endeavors, positive frames of mind, and through increasing the vital life spirit which helps suppress or push out disease. Jupiter also offers wisdom and spiritual upliftment, particularly in a dreamy and intuitive sign like Pisces.

These are offered in a 1/2 oz glass phial with cork. A little goes a long way. I use them as a "pre-cast spell in a bottle". The work has already been done, the material is already empowered, so burning this simply activates the ritual that was performed at this potent and beneficial moment. If you're someone who likes to fill the room with smoke I recommend using a smaller amount of this enchanted incense to dress your favorite resin and direct it to your goal.

All who order will be sent a short digital guide to ritual with Jupiter that I assembled from various traditional sources.

The powder itself shimmers, which is not a result of any synthetic material or photographic filter. To magically potentiate this mixture I included a small amount of "faerie dust", which is my nickname for the mica-schist that I ritually harvest and grind as part of my work with local Fae and land spirits. This material is literally a piece of the land and the fact that it shimmers only makes it more beautiful and resonant.

This completely organic glitter draws the support of the Fae or at least works toward averting them from blocking your work leading to an increase in luck. They are capricious spirits and we all have our own relationship to them, but since this is made in cooperation with them, it's likely to give you an "in" for making relationships where you are.

If working with my Faerie Dust or any materia that includes it, I suggest that you watch your dreams and your spontaneous impressions while in nature for what may be contact from the Good Neighbors. Your mileage will vary, read some folktales and you'll see what I mean. Land spirits, faery spirits both are notoriously fickle, wickedly clever, and they vary widely from place to place.

You can find more info about this mineral materia and its history in the region where I live by searching "Wissahickon schist". The land it was gathered from, with the pacted support of local fae and land wights, is a popular location for nature connection today and was sacred to the Lenni Lenape people, who were the guardians of this land before the white man's reign of terror.

It's tragic to behold so I feel that all spirit workers and magicians must act. Each person can only do what they can, so I work in whatever small ways I can to heal and honor the spirits of this place. I've been adding this material to many of my magical creations for years and I always appreciate the potentiation it brings to my work.

Loose incense powders may be burned on charcoals in a fire-safe container, sprinkled to dress candles or oil lamps, added to charm bags, or deployed as sachet powders.

Here are a couple quotes on Jupiter's influence and on Moon-Jupiter conjunctions, drawn from Renaissance magus and philosopher Marsilio Ficino's Three Books on Life:

"For no star supports and strengthens the natural forces in us - indeed all the forces - more than does Jupiter, nor does any star offer more or more prosperous things. And to receive him is beneficial in all circumstances, but to receive the Sun is perhaps not in all circumstances safe. For Jupiter is always beneficial... Therefore only Jupiter is called 'helping father'."

"The Three Graces Are Jupiter and the Sun and Venus. Jupiter Is the Grace Which Is the Mean Between the Two and Is Especially Accommodated to Us.

Venus is most friendly to Jupiter, just as Jupiter is to the Sun -three Graces, as it were, concordant and conjoined among themselves. From these three Graces of the heavens, and from stars of the same kind, astrologers hope for and diligently seek out favors. These favors they believe to be transmitted through Mercury and the Moon as if through messengers, and they take care that this happens often, but most easily and generally through the Moon. And they believe the Moon is more fortunate when conjoined with Jupiter or Venus than if she is in an aspect sextile or trine."

Jupiter in Pisces Incense for Prosperity and Joy

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