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Nazars are a common amulet to protect against envy, low level curses, and especially the evil eye. Used for generations in many countries in Eastern Europe, North Africa, and West Asia, their use has now spread worldwide. The notion of an amulet that "keeps an eye out for you" has broad applications in practical magic.

These particular nazars were ritually blessed, washed, and crossed with the power of Sts. Cyprian & Justina. Though their canonical status varies depending on the church and the time period, these two are potent folk saints, renowned allies of witches, necromancers, and workers of magic from South America to Scandinavia.

I maintain a daily devotion to this pair and have done for years. I also collaborate with them in more involved magical works. I have found Sts. Justina and Cyprian to be a dependable first line of defense against curses, negativity, and unwanted spiritual energy. They are excellent exorcists and they know how to both hex and to heal.

These nazars can be worn or placed in the home, the car, at windows or doors, or around the spirit room to provide strong protection. If you feel called to investigate the mysterious cult of Sts. Cyprian and Justina, these would be a fine connection piece to help get you started.

Several styles of nazar are available.

The final images in the reel are from a rare church dedicated to these saints in Bucharest, Romania. The church itself is associated with miraculous intercession that boggles the mind and is worthy of further investigation by the sorcerously curious.

The "incorrupted" right arm of St. Cyprian is also displayed. We find examples of supernaturally pure and preserved remains all across the world, for instance in Thailand where there is a practice of keeping relics from highly accomplished monks in perspex stupas. In the case of a body that doesn't decay, decays slowly, smells sweet after death, or even where the bones have become crystalline, these are all a mark of intense magico-spiritual development. The skeptic is urged to do their own cross-cultural research, this is an ancient and well documented phenomenon.

Offered at a low price because protection magic is essential and fundamental to getting any other magic done effectively.

Ships with instructions for care, cleansing, and periodic reconsecration (armor must always be maintained).

Nazars - Crossed with the Power of Sts. Cyprian & Justina, Patrons of Necromancy

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