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The aged rhizome of Iris Germanicum has long been alleged to increase feminine beauty and womanly authority in Hoodoo & Rootwork. They are often carried by women seeking to be treated with regality, deference, and respect. They are often worked with to provide glamor and draw love and affection from those around us.

In Hoodoo these roots are referred to as "Queen Elizabeth Root".


These aged iris rhizomes are also known by the name Orris in old Europe. They have been used in perfumery for centuries.

Gilding is the process of applying gold leaf to an object. In this case, the gilding highlights and enhances the graceful feminity of this root. Gold itself has long been used in magic to create and call forth beauty, authority, and regality.


A small portion of each root is left bare. This may be worn against the skin for direct contact. I recommend anointing the root with alcohol based perfumes on the full moons. Three drops or one good spritz would be enough. Speak to the root at this time to awaken its spirit.


This listing is the special, discounted price for girls who could use a helping hand. If you are a well-heeled lady of means, consider buying from the listing on my main site to support my work for our sisters.




A traditional charm with an elegant twist.

Gilded Queen Elizabeth Root (Pre-Order)

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