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Mojo Bags are one of the classic elements of Rootwork and Conjure.

These portable talismans are usually worn on the person to provide effects ranging from prosperity, protection, enrichment, mastery, love, attraction, and much more.

They can be created for nearly any situation we encounter.


Each Mojo Bag is custom made for my clients. I include herbs, roots, and curios chosen particularly for each individual.


This listing represents the base price for my Mojo Bags.


Additional costs may be added for rare materials or particular needs. (To be discussed via phone or email)


Purchasing this listing typically comes after a Free Consultation to discuss the Mojo Bag you would like to have made.


After purchasing, your Mojo Bag will be created according to tradition and the dictates of spirit. It will be shipped to you with instructions for care and personal activation.

Custom Mojo Bags

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