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I am skilled in the creation of custom oil lamps in the conjure tradition.


As taught by my elders, I prepare lamps for many conditions including love, money, personal success, and more.


The conjure lamp is a re-usable form of magic.


Unlike a candle that burns away, a fixed, custom oil lamp can be refilled and used again and again.

Lamps allow for a magical working to extend indefinitely and to continue to grow in power.


Each lamp is made especially for the client with herbs, roots, and curios chosen for the particular situation.


This listing represents the base price for my Lamp Making Service.


Additional costs may be added for rare materials and lamps of a special size or particular aesthetic beauty. (To be discussed via phone or email)


Each Conjure Lamp is a unique creation blending artistic flair and traditional spiritual work.


Purchasing this listing typically comes after a Free Consultation to discuss the Conjure Lamp you would like to have made.

After purchasing, your Lamp will be created according to tradition and the dictates of spirit.

It will be shipped to you with instructions for care and personal activation.

Custom Conjure Lamps

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